Here is an old photo-shoot I did with a friend almost a year ago maybe more, I never really got the chance to post it besides on my facebook profile picture recently!  Not to be or sound pretentious but I used to ‘model’ for my friends even if i’m soooo not the type of model first im too short […]

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Ok so I know this article may seem like coming out of the blue BUT I’ve really been digging the NBA lately perhaps because of being around a lot of people in the basketball business among them  friends who are referees or dating a pro player but also my trip to Montreal last summer right […]

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Silent Night

How to… Spend your christmas night in bed drinking tea and taking medication… I don’t understand WHY am I always sick on christmas?? Like is it a punishment from Santa or something? Almost every single christmas eve I get sick =(  It’s horrible especially this year because 1. I have holidays 2. Im leaving soon […]

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Merry Xmas

I LOVE CHRISTMAS !!!! Here I said it!! lol can’t stop singing around and smiling!  It’s the best time of the year and I know it cause I’m with my family and friends =)We have so much fun telling old embarrassing stories, dancing, playing games, watching movies in bed with my cousins. Its so good !This year […]

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The wait is over

FINALLYY!!!! I can enjoy my first christmas real holiday in 2-3 years! Last year I worked the whole time and was sick.. =/  The year before I can’t remember but I think I worked and only a few years back I went to New York (great time) and spent time with my family the other […]

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