Merry Xmas

Here I said it!! lol can’t stop singing around and smiling! 
It’s the best time of the year and I know it cause I’m with my family and friends =)
We have so much fun telling old embarrassing stories, dancing, playing games, watching movies in bed with my cousins. Its so good !
This year my friends from Canada are in town too so it’s even better!
I’m a little scared cause I have a sour throat beginning and I don’t wanna stay home sick like last year. 
Anyways have yourself a merry christmas and enjoy it the best you can! 
 Here am I 20 years ago opening my presents =)
(Yeah I had a huge head loool #smartass) 
 My cousin and I enjoying time together since she’s going to school in the south of France I don’t get to see her that often… 

Ok so here’s the thing during the holidays we LOVE playing Wii ! It’s almost my family’s signature thing to play Wii and compete lol! Even my mom has game and we battle each other! 
And of course FOOD! lol ! 


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