Happy Lunar Year

Last week-end was the Asian new year called Lunar Year or even Têt. The Chinese new year is the most important of the traditional Chinese holidays. They have huge celebrations like lion dances, fireworks, family gatherings, lantern festival and they give red enveloppes. This year is the Dragon year and they say it brings luck […]

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Hey guys I just got a bunch of stuff from Sachajuan  =)  So I’ve been using these products for a month especially on a daily basis : I apply the dry hair conditionner and then leave the Hair Repair treatment overnight. My hair has been really smooth in the mornings after and I went out […]

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Welcome to the jungle

Hey guys I hope you’re all good!!I’ve been bored tonight so here are some picture I took with my iPhone lol ” your love is a pink thing” And no I’m not a pink fan it’s just that I found this pajama so cute I could’t resist! It has prints in the back and in the hood […]

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Winter break 2012

Before Spring Break it’s Winter break!I’m starting to be more and more excited about my upcoming weeks! I’m going to spend a week with my friends in the french Alps to ski! We rented a huge cabin for 11 people. It’s gonna be so much fun! Last time I went skiing was 4-5 years ago […]

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