Welcome to the jungle

Hey guys I hope you’re all good!!
I’ve been bored tonight so here are some picture I took with my iPhone lol
” your love is a pink thing” And no I’m not a pink fan it’s just that I found this pajama so cute I could’t resist! It has prints in the back and in the hood =) 
 rareness at work =) (January 1st obviously)
 typical day of work : this was a shoot for a french tv M6 which made a subject on the collar trends…
 late night bite with friends : Caesar Salad yumm!!!  
 girlfriend time out at the French All Star Game After party =) 
 think it the first time a guy ever got me flowers lol
 Thats my ish!!! Even if this one is 100% industrial i love it!!
 oldies but goodies the first Black Eyed Peas cd french edition =)
 the line on the 1st day of sales…
 my 20 yo little brother’s bday cake
 mini me in cooking mama mode
About to cook veggie fried rice yummm!!! My bf actually teached me how to do it! 

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