DHC Sube Sube Review

I know I may be one of the last bloggers to try the Sube Sube method from DHC but let me explain why! First of all it’s very easy to try it in sample size you just have to order it online and it’s free. However the only reviews I saw on the internet were […]

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New Years party rocks

Here are the pictures of my New Years party =) I celebrated with my girls and drinks lol it was a really good time and I wish that all my next celebrations will be the same! It’s always good to be around the people that you love! We started getting ready together and drove to […]

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Happy New Year everybody!!!!!Hope you had a good time this weekend! I did lol But I just want to share with you my best wished for this new year!I know new years means new start but this time I won’t have any resolution. This 2012 is my year of fun so I’m gonna enjoy it […]

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