So as said previously I spent last weekend in Toronto, Canada.We went on a 5h road trip, got there friday evening and hit the club right away lol. I had such an amazing weekend and even fell in love with the city. Never thought it would have that kind of vibe where people are really […]

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Night Time

Yeah just like everybody I’m addicted to the grid app lolHere are some pictures I took of the nightlife here. They have pretty nice spots to hang out at night. I like to go to Santos on thursdays. People have told me it’s cool to go to the W Hotel lounge on thursdays so I […]

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News =)

Hey guys! I know I haven’t been posting lately I was pretty busy with work and stuff, just got a new position and it takes almost all the time dedicated to blogging so yeah that part sucks for me cause I love to write but anyways it is what it is… I’ve been working my ass off but […]

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