Notorious Insanity

Typical sunday at my spot, Bercy/Cour St-Emilion area. I live really close to this neighborhood and I just love going there to chill, grab some food, go to the park and to the movies.Maybe I’ll write an article on my favorite spots there! I took random pictures there with my friend photographer Sami Mansoure (again!!) […]

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Weekly update x Events

This week was a hell of a long week, going to meetings and events, working on other projects and still trying to enjoy the city. I want to do so many things but sometimes you just have to hit the pause button…This week I went to the True Hip Hop Exhibit of Mike Schreiber, I […]

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Chilling – Paris

I don’t know if it’s the fact that I missed Paris or that I see it differently now but I just think it’s an amazing city!  I’ve been hanging out a lot lately enjoying my spare time to check out some restaurants, art galleries and so, still hoping to see the real summer that I […]

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Sunday Fun Day

Still shooting with Sami Mansoure, this look would be a typical fun sunday outfit I would wear in summer on the go to chill with my friends or to go to an amusement park.  When i’m going to walk all day and want to feel comfortable I just go for shorts and if I want […]

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