Let the music play

As you know I’m a music fan. I can’t spend a day without listening to music and since i’m a little girl. You may not know it but I took music classes for more than 10 years, piano, harpsichord, reading and writing music too was part of my life until I went to high school […]

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Inspiration Sunday

These are just random inspiring/cute photos I found around blogs and websites that I find pretty cool.Lately i’ve been interested in interior design, architecture and prints. Especially how artists mix textures and colors. I guess in a second life I would like to be an interior designer. My favorite websites to check out those great […]

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Fashion Fall/Winter Obsessions

Ok so lately I’ve been addicted to Pinterest like I know I’m propably the last person who knew about it lol but it’s definitaly a place where I feed my creativity and I can pretty much find everything I could imagine. As I don’t really share my fashion taste on this blog I wanted to […]

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London Bound Photo Diary

Some pictures of my trip in London =) I spent a few days there visiting shoping and enjoying the ‘rare’ sun I had such a great time! It was my second trip there and let me tell you it went soo much better that the 1st which was 5-6 years ago with school (I stayed […]

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