Work Outfits

Lately I’ve been really into work outfits I feel like fashion websites and magazines don’t put enough focus on those because basically if you’re a working woman you’ll always need work clothes. If you have business meetings, interviews or if you work on a non-casual environment.
These outfits are not the easiest to create and work with it can be easily uncomfortable.
Here are some outfits that I thought were nice to try some are more casual and others are more for the ‘dress to impress’ situations. When you’re a young pro and you want to be taken seriously you have to coordonate your style with your attitude.
I used to wear black pants all the time with a basic classic sweater or a blazer paired with cute flats on my first internships now I dare mixing bright colors, pencil skirts, heels and cute dresses. Not only my confidence went to another level but it also improved the way I talk and address things to people and I think people take me more seriously too.
I’m not saying to go crazy on the outfits but just express yourself and don’t be afraid to try new things.
Also I shop a lot of my work clothes at Zara and Asos because they have classy and affordable pieces and when I want a special outfit I’ll go to BCBG Max Azria, Express or Armani Exchange.

Hope you guys will like the outfits if you have other websites where we can find cool stuff comment down below =)

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