As part of my #MaskMonday  and my quest for the ultimate sheet mask, today I want to talk about the Lancôme Genifique Youth Activating mask.

A concentrated facial sheet mask containing a half bottle of Lancôme’s bestselling serum for visibly smoother, more radiant skin.

To be honest it took me a while to try this mask since the price ($100) let’s be real is pretty high, I like to invest in my skincare products but what the hell? $100 for a few masks, that’s a bit too much right?

I would say it’s a great product in terms of results, I was expecting my skin to be well hydrated, radiant and re-plumped and that’s what I got! The mask has A LOT of product and the gel texture helps the mask stay in place so you can go and do what you gotta do while wearing it.

So if you really want to splurge (or if you’re just a big spender) you should definitely give it a try, I would personally keep these masks for when I travel by plane since my skin gets super dry during a flight.

Suggested Usage:
-Remove mask from packaging and gently unfold.
-Apply mask onto a clean, dry face, smoothing and spreading evenly onto facial contours.
-After 20 minutes, remove the mask. Discard mask after single use.
-Gently massage any excess product into the skin.
-Tip: apply before your usual beauty routine.

Lancôme Génifique
Lancôme Génifique

I also tried a few other products from Lancôme Grandiôse range which includes a mascara and eyeliner, and I was pleasently surprised. I think you’ve guessed that Lancôme is not my favorite brand in terms of makeup, maybe because I’m not the main target or just because in my mind the brand is more skincare oriented.

Anyway I really loved the Grandiôse Wide-Angle mascara, it really added shape and definition to my lashes, I think the Swan Neck™ Wand helps separating the lashes and makes the whole process easier since it works with the shape of your face. Since my lashes are quite thick I would recommend this mascara for the ladies with thin/fine lashes to add more volume.

As of the Grandiôse Bendable Liquid Liner, it’s true that the wand is super easy to use but there isn’t product and it’s not pigmented enough (for me) I would recommend this one for the eyeliner beginners. Other than the lack of pigmentation it has a long-lasting formula, a thin and precise applicator tip.

Lancôme Grandiose Liner & Mascara
Lancôme Grandiose Liner & Mascara
Lancôme Génifique & Grandiose
Lancôme Génifique & Grandiose


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